Assessment & Reporting


Assessment is ongoing throughout the year in all curriculum areas and the school participates in National testing for Literacy and Numeracy in May (NAPLAN).  The formal assessment schedule is articulated with the curriculum plans for each learning area.  It includes common assessment tasks and the collection of work samples which provide evidence of learning. Teachers participate in collaborative meetings to moderate standards across and within year levels.        


Reporting to parents on student learning occurs three times each year.

  • Once each semester (July and December) using the Department of Education standard formal report for all students Years Pre Primary to Year 6.
  • An Interim Report is provided to all parents at the end of Term 1 to indicate how the child has settled into the new school year.
  • A Portfolio report is issued each semester (July and December) for all Kindergarten students.

A Celebrating Teaching and Learning night is held at the end of Term 3 when classrooms are open to parents and students to share evidence of their learning via work samples in the context of learning activities.

Students who require learning adjustments or additional support will have learning goals detailed in an Individual Education Plan. Student progress is shared with parents each term.