The school community consider the School Chaplaincy Service to be a critical part of the pastoral care support in the school.

Pastoral care programs provide support and strategies that focus on student, family and community well-being, in turn, impacting on student’s social and emotional health and their success in learning and the development of life-long skills.

The School Chaplain’s role is seen as vital in promoting and supporting the Values and Beliefs of the school.  The role complements those of the teaching and support staff of the school but has the capacity to focus on the individual child and family with specific support to cater for a whole variety of needs that cannot necessarily be addressed otherwise.

Chaplaincy programs include

  • Pastoral care one-on-one to Students, Parents and Carers and Staff
  • Rainbows program for separation, grief and loss – trained facilitator
  • Sunshine Group - raising self-esteem and developing social skills in small group situations
  • Supporting parents in isolated situations where school is often their only point of contact
  • In addition to the above, there are both formal and informal situations when the support of the Chaplain makes a significant difference by providing a layer of care that is immediate and timely when families find themselves in difficult situations that require complex problem solving and perhaps liaison with other agencies even beyond the educational context.

These programs and many more are part of the schools positive behaviour management policy. They contribute to the positive way in which behavior is managed in the school through the Motivating Student Learning policy.

In line with school values, the global citizenship aspect of learning is developed through giving projects which are organized by the Chaplain – Christmas in a Shoebox, toy making and hamper collections being some examples.

The School Chaplains in the local area also work together when a school experiences a crisis and the skills of such a team can assist and support. Training and skills of the Chaplain are shared with school staff, assisting them to add to their own ability to cater for the needs of children.