Communication Diary

This diary is an important document as it assists and promotes communication between home and school.

All students from Years PP to 6 will be issued with a Communications Diary.

At each level the diary will take on many forms as appropriate. At the junior level it may be a simple “memory jogger”, including things like home reading and the like. At more senior levels it may include homework grids and information about other class requirements.

As well as this, it is a line of communication between parents and teachers as the needs arises.

At the end of each week a sticker will be placed in the diary indicating what sort of week each child has experienced. The stickers focus on the core values of our curriculum and community and are a way that parents can monitor their child’s attitude, effort and motivation.

It is important that parents sign their child’s diary at the end of each week. This acknowledges that they have seen the sticker and the school maintains these records as a form of reporting to parents. Of course, should parents wish, the diary may be used at other times as a line of communication with the teacher.

It is our aim to continue the school’s positive expectations of the behaviour and values demonstrated by all students. Students are encouraged and supported to monitor their own behaviour and demonstrate the core values with increasing regularity and independence.

Teachers will discuss with students and parents, the routines associated with the Communications Diary and the requirement for it to travel between home and school each day. Parents are requested to ensure that this occurs, giving support to younger children as they develop independent routines and responsibilities.