Curriculum at Ranford

Curriculum implementation and development at Ranford Primary is underpinned by a common understanding of pedagogy and the Curriculum Framework for Western Australian schools. From 2011, implementation of the National Curriculum will be the focus.

Beliefs about teaching and learning, assessment and reporting and the learning environment form the basis for decision making about how curriculum is implemented and the structure that needs to be in place in order for staff to take on leadership roles and have maximum opportunity to explore innovative strategies in a collaborative professional environment.

Curriculum delivery at Ranford is organised into six areas. Learning Technologies are a transparent and integral part of each area and the learning environment. Each area has a Curriculum Team Leader and a staff representative from each area of the school – early childhood, middle primary and senior primary. These curriculum teams are responsible for policy development, professional development, resource development and maintenance, information gathering, review and strategic planning processes, reporting and budgeting.

Staff work collaboratively in planning groups both within and across year levels and professional development is sought and provided by the curriculum teams – each responsible for promoting their learning areas.

The curriculum is supported by extensive resources to enhance teaching and learning in all areas.

In order to maximize student learning, the curriculum is differentiated, catering for individual needs. The policy of early intervention supports those students who are experiencing learning difficulties in the first years of schooling and participation in support programs may be a part of this. Learning activities are presented in open ended contexts, allowing students to demonstrate their learning at different levels and also be open to the challenges provided for those who are of higher ability. The range of ability is catered for within and across the year levels according to need, and challenge and extension programs are in place from Year 1 to Year 6. For those students requiring significant adjustments to the curriculum, an individual education plan (documented plan) is developed and shared with parents.