Ranford Primary is located on Orkney Crescent in Canning Vale, Western Australia. As a designated local intake school, all students who live within the gazetted boundaries are guaranteed enrolment.  Enrolment for students living outside the boundary may be accepted when vacancies permit. Parents would be advised following application for enrolment.

The boundaries of the school are from the intersection of Ranford Road and Campbell Road, south west along Campbell Road (north west side included) and its south westerly extension to Nicholson Road, south along Nicholson Road (west side included) to Accourt Road, north west along Accourt Road (both sides included) to Fraser Road, south west along Fraser Road (west side included) to a point where the south east extension of the north west/south east runway of Jandakot airport intersects with Fraser Road, north west along this extension to the runway and north east along the south west extension of Johnston Road, and Johnston Road (both sides included) to the junction with Accourt Road, and continuing north along Johnston Road to Leeming Road, west along Leeming Road (both sides included) to the proposed Roe Highway, north east along the proposed Roe Highway to South Street, south east along South Street (south side included) and continuing south east along Ranford Road (south west side included) to the intersection with Campbell Road.

An optional area between Ranford Primary School and Campbell Primary School is from the intersection of Ranford Road and Warton Road, south west along Warton Road (north side included) to Nicholson Road, north along Nicholson Road (east side included) to the street entrance to Hakea Prison, north east to Waterfoot Loop (with both sides of Blarney Place and Aran Close excluded), north east along Waterfoot Loop (south side included) to Campbell Road, north east along Campbell Road (south side included) to Ranford Road and south east along Ranford Road (west side included) to Warton Road.

Please download the map to view the boundaries.