Motivating Student Learning

School tone and behaviour is managed through positive expectations and the Motivating Student Learning Policy. It reinforces students across the whole school behaving in a respectful and responsible manner at all times and in all situations. It is values based, embedded in the curriculum and has a strong social skills component. Emphasis is on making positive choices and accepting responsibility for both learning and behaviour, rather than being structured around a set of rules.

Values posters throughout the school remind students about behaviours that indicate positive attitudes and actions.

Students who require assistance with their ability to behave in appropriate ways are supported as they learn how to personally apply the values. Specific strategies are taught to assist them in developing personal responsibility both in class and in the playground.

An important component of this program is the Communication Diary for Pre-Primary to Year 6 students and the weekly attitude and effort “sticker” every Friday. Every child has a diary and they are required to take it to and from school and home every day. Parents are requested to sign the diary every Friday. This procedure allows for constant communication between home and school. The “sticker” indicates how a student has applied themselves both in class and outside the classroom during the previous week. A dark green sticker indicates a positive week has been completed and a light green sticker shows there is room for improvement. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about the stickers and comment in the diary as and when appropriate. (See Communication Diary section for further details on this policy.)