Pastoral Care Policy

The safety and positive health and well being of all students is the foundation upon which students have the opportunity to achieve their potential. The development of each student is seen as a whole and social emotional well being is as important as academic learning and physical health when considering the pre-requisites for a motivated and positive learner.

The care and support of all staff is critical to ensure a flow on effect to the students of the school. Staff should experience a positive professional environment in which they feel valued and supported.

The beliefs about teaching and learning at Ranford Primary provide a strong consistent understanding of what it takes to support each child to achieve their potential. Many beliefs focus on aspects of the environment that support students to feel safe and secure with a real sense of belonging and trust.

The values program at Ranford Primary provides a context for everything that occurs in the school as well as outlining the expectations for all interactions. It guides the development of attitudes towards others, the environment and learning and behaviour.

A range of programs and strategies exist to support social and emotional development and well-being.

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