At Ranford Primary, teachers understand the place of ICT in the pedagogy of the classroom. We understand the pedagogical needs of our teachers to provide the desired educational outcomes of our students as outlined by Curriculum documents.

Each teacher has Curriculum content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and technological knowledge. The teachers use their professional judgment to apply these three knowledge bases to their teaching programs and the educational needs of the students.

ICT is used as a tool to teach and not a replacement of teaching and is used to enhance the educational outcomes of the students.

ICT is integrated into learning programs to enhance the learning opportunities and engagement of students.  A variety of technologies are available for students to access throughout the school.  This includes wifi laptops, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras and IPad tablets.

Our aim is to provide adequate equipment and resources that are fit for the purpose, suitable for the educational needs of our students with a reliable infrastructure.

We endeavour to provide teachers and students with the necessary ICT tools, support, mentoring and professional development to meet the educational needs of our students.

The safe use of ICT equipment and resources is a shared understanding with students who are required, along with their parents, to sign Agreements for Appropriate Use of Resources. This includes appropriate use of internet resources and safe working practices in classrooms for teachers and students. The school instills an attitude of respect over the resources and equipment available.

All staff and students understand that the equipment and resources are made available to enhance learning activities only.