About Us

Ranford Primary, an Independent Public School since 2011, was opened at the beginning of the 1999 school year and from its inception, through a clearly articulated vision and through elements of its physical design, the school has maintained a focus on community and the shared responsibilities for the education of young children.

Ranford Primary continues to develop and strengthen its strong reputation for the exemplary standard of its teaching and learning programs, the commitment and professionalism of its staff, the innovative and motivating physical environment and, above all, a constant focus on the individual child. These qualities have been endorsed with the outstanding results of an Independent Review of the school in 2013 and the award of a Certificate of Excellence by the Director General following a study of exemplary practice undertaken in 2014.

The school is well resourced and students enjoy the full extent of its spacious and well maintained outdoor environment.

The engaging and positive spirit of Ranford Primary is evident to all who come to learn, work and visit.