Physical Education

As part of the Health and Physical Education learning area, students participate in a total of two hours of physical activity per week. This is comprised of a sixty-minute Physical Education lesson, as well an additional sixty-minute lesson of either Junior or Senior Sport.

Physical Education lessons are conducted as a class and focus on a particular sport, generally one per term, as well as general skills for physical activity. The Physical Education specialist designs the implementation of these lessons, guided by the curriculum. Students are given the opportunity to work independently, in small groups and in teams when learning and consolidating their skills. 

Junior Sport and Senior Sport lessons are conducted in year levels, with a focus on key Physical Education calendar events. These include carnivals as part of the South Central Sports Association, whereby students have the opportunity to represent Ranford Primary School. Such carnivals are comprised of the Summer and Winter Carnivals, Interschool Cross Country Carnival and Interschool Athletics Carnival. In addition, all students participate in the Faction Carnival held in Semester Two. Faction Points earned throughout the year are collated and work towards the Spirit Cup, awarded to the winning Faction.

In the Early Years, Physical Education lessons are based around the Fundamental Movement Skills Framework, which focuses on the development of gross motor skills. This evidence-based program has been proven to have a positive impact on student’s development and learning, allowing a smoother transference of skills into individual and team sports, as well as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education