UV Sun Protection Policy


Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can cause sunburn, skin damage, eye damage and skin cancer when the level is 3 or above. UV radiation cannot be seen or felt and varies in intensity across the year.



The purpose of this policy is to encourage staff and students to adopt sun protection behaviours by:

  • Understanding ultraviolet radiation.
  • Using a combination of sun protection measures.
  • Educating students to be responsible for their own sun protection.
  • Informing all stakeholders of Ranford's sun protection strategies.
  • Providing a safe school environment with shade for students, staff and the school community, at appropriate times/where practical.

Ranford Primary School has the following measures in place to help reduce the risk of excessive UV sun exposure for staff and students.


Learning Environment

  • Sun protection and UV safety education is incorporated into the WA curriculum for all year levels
  • Students are encouraged to be involved in initiatives to promote and model sun protection measures to the whole school community.
  • Sun protection behaviour is regularly reinforced and promoted to the whole school community. This partnership will be supported through the provision and display of educational materials and by incorporating sun protection messages into our programs.
  • Staff can access the SunSmart app at sunsmart.com.au to find out daily local sun protection times to assist with the implementation of this policy.
  • A weather station is installed at Ranford for teachers and students to access local UV levels



On enrolment, parents will:

  • Receive the UV Sun Protection Policy in their enrolment pack.
  • Become partners in their children’s sun protection by encouraging and practising sun-protective behaviours.          



  • There is adequate provision of shade within the school grounds, for students and staff. This includes eating areas, outdoor lesson areas, sporting and outdoor events, where possible.
  • Encourage students and staff to use shaded areas when outside.
  • Teaching, learning and play programs are modified, to suit the weather conditions.



  • Students wear a bucket-style hat, that protects the face, neck, ears and crown of the head, whenever they are outside, as per Ranford Primary School uniform policy.
  • Students wear hats during outdoor activities, whenever practical.
  • Students without hats remain protected from the sun by being directed to a shaded area.



  • School uniforms are made of a cool, loose-fitting fabric that provides adequate protection from UV radiation.
  • Students are encouraged to wear a rash vest or similar top for outdoor swimming/water activities.



  • Promote the use of SPF 30 (or higher) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen.
  • Students provide their own SPF30 (or higher) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen. This is included on the school’s booklist each year.
  • Families support by encouraging their child/children to apply sunscreen before the school day commences.
  • Sunscreen is available and accessible to staff and students at events such as carnivals
  • Visual prompts are displayed around the school for sun protection behaviours.
  • Strategies are in place to remind students to apply sunscreen during the day.


Physical Education

  • Where practicable, schedule outdoor Physical Education activities to occur at times with a lower UV Index, such as early in the day.
  • When outdoor activities are unable to be scheduled during a time of low UV index, students will be provided with suitable shade and encouraged to make appropriate sun protective decisions based on uniform and other protective measures.



  • Sun protection will be considered when excursions/incursions are planned, specifically the time of day and availability of shade. All sun protection strategies apply to outdoor excursions/incursions.