P&C Association

The Ranford Primary P&C is a group of hard-working and motivated parents who support the school’s efforts to provide a learning environment that is positive and engaging, supporting initiatives and projects at all levels of the school. 

By working with the school on shared projects, the impact and support of the P&C is highly visible and much appreciated. The all-important role of the P&C in fundraising has allowed these shared projects to make a significant difference to the learning environment and enriched our resources.

Recent shared projects include:

  • Creating an adventure Nature Play environment in the junior area of the school.
  • Supporting eBoard technology in every learning area throughout the school.
  • Supporting ongoing updates of laptop and iPad technology
  • Provision of all end of yearbook awards as well as ribbons and trophies for sporting carnivals.

To support our shared projects, the P&C conduct fundraising events throughout the year, many of which have become traditional events such as the Easter Raffle and Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls.

The P&C also manages the school canteen which includes employing the Manager and Assistant.

The P&C actively supports the school’s Sustainability Plan by organising Containers for Change on the school site.


P&C meetings are held on a Tuesday, twice during the school term (Week 3 and Week 7), commencing at 7.00 pm. The meetings are efficiently chaired which ensures a limit of one hour.

Meetings provide open communication between the school Administration and the P&C, allowing for information to be shared as well as discussion about focus and priority areas.

The P&C Annual General Meeting, when office bearers are elected, is held in Week 3 of Term 1 in each school year. This includes President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer as well as various committees such as Fundraising and Canteen. All positions are for one year. In order to maintain whole school representation, the P&C is constantly seeking new members, especially from younger families.