Managing Student Behaviour

At Ranford Primary, a positive school culture is created and maintained through consistent whole school approaches that engage students in a culturally responsive, safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment. There is a strong focus on supporting the individual child to be responsible for their own attitude and behaviour.

As a community we have high expectations of one another based on the Ranford Values and that everyone will accept their responsibilities for maintaining the positive school culture. When everyone in our community models and reinforces appropriate, respectful behaviours at all times, this has a powerful and positive impact on students.

At Ranford Primary we adopt a restorative approach to managing student behaviour. A restorative approach includes proactive and preventive strategies as well as more targeted and individual interventions to support positive behaviour and strengthen student’s personal and social capabilities.

This approach is essential to promoting engagement in learning and to maximise the impact of classroom teaching, enabling students to fulfil their learning potential. This is a responsibility shared by all members of the school community.

Restorative practices focus on working with students, rather than doing things to them or for them, maintaining positive relationships and applying fair process in decision making. This includes consideration for students with multiple and complex needs.

At Ranford Primary we use a multi-tiered system to support behaviour.

Tier 1 interventions promote positive behaviours and maintain safe, respectful learning environments with preventative whole-school systems and practices. At Tier 2, interventions support students who are displaying low-level behaviours or emerging behaviours of concern that need to be addressed. Intensive interventions, at Tier 3, are focused on individual support.

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