Quality Teaching Strategy Lead School

The Quality Teaching Strategy (QTS) is the Department of Education's position on effective teaching and the aspects of school culture that support improved teaching practices. In 2023, Ranford Primary was proud to be chosen as a QTS Lead School, one of only 26 across the state.

QTS lead schools provide system-wide support and have the following attributes:

  • a strong school culture of collaboration including evidence of high expectations, trust and feedback
  • capable leadership at all levels within the school and strong relationships between students, staff and families
  • high impact teaching practices, based on evidence and research, visible across the school.

QTS lead schools demonstrate, share and lead effective classroom instruction. They:

  • exemplify and share the practices and expectations in Teaching for Impact
  • build understanding of effective school cultures and capability in how to use Teaching for Impact to improve student achievement
  • provide evidence-based professional learning on effective teaching practice
  • support teachers to evaluate the impact of their practice and improve by extending their range of teaching strategies
  • provide support across:
    • primary, secondary, district high and education support contexts
    • phases of learning
    • learning areas.