Extension and Challenge

Curriculum provision at Ranford Primary is tailored for all students to reach their potential. This includes students who are academically gifted. Classroom teachers are adept at differentiating their teaching and learning programs to ensure students who require extension have access to specific learning opportunities through all learning areas provided by the classroom or specialist teacher. 

In the Early Years, Ranford offers an Enrichment and Challenge program to selected students in Year 2 (Semester 1) and Year 1 (Semester 2). Students who are selected participate in a 6-week program with a focus on STEAM, specifically Design Technologies and Media Arts. The program is facilitated by teachers who are part of our Teacher Development School team. This is a new initiative, commencing in 2021. The program was offered to Network Schools, with seven schools selecting students to participate in this unique program at Ranford.  

The Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) program is a part-time withdrawal program for upper primary school Year 5 and 6 students in public schools.   

Identified students are selected to participate in differentiated programs offered in a range of delivery modes. 

Delivery modes include: 

  • regional based PEAC centres providing a series of specialist courses or programs 
  • co-ordinator/s who establish courses in a range of schools and/or other sites and teachers are released to teach the courses
  • allocation to schools and multi-age programs operate within schools 
  • online delivery of programs. 

Programs focus on: 

  • social interaction with gifted and talented peers 
  • intellectual rigour and challenge 
  • pursuit of excellence 
  • development of higher order process skills 
  • in-depth investigations of real problems 
  • open-ended activities which encourage choice and negotiation 
  • opportunities to interact with practising experts 
  • students working at their own pace 
  • self/peer evaluation and reflection of performance. 

Blanket testing of all public school Year 4 students occurs each year with individual schools testing their own students.  Parents who do not wish for their children to be tested can opt out by contacting their school in writing. 

More information regarding Academic and Selective programs for students going to a government high school can be found at: https://www.education.wa.edu.au/academic-programs?redirect=%2Fprimary-program%3Fredirect%3D%252Fgifted-and-talented%252Fprograms-and-opportunities 


School of Instrumental Music (IMSS) 

We are very proud of the strong music program we are able to offer students at Ranford through our IMSS program. Students in Year 4 are tested and if successful are offered an opportunity to learn Clarinet, Flute or Brass. Specialist teachers offer tuition for half an hour each week in Years 5 and 6 at the school. This program is highly regarded by the student and parent community and, as such, places offered are highly sought after. The majority of students who participate in the program are successful in being offered music scholarships in one of the many selective high schools in the metropolitan area. 

More information about the IMSS program can be found on the Department’s website: https://www.education.wa.edu.au/instrumental-music