The delivery of the Science curriculum as a specialist teaching area, reflects the global priority which has been placed on the need to both promote and develop Science in schools, along with Literacy and Numeracy.

All students at Ranford Primary experience a minimum of ninety minutes of Science instruction and learning each week. Since 2011, students have attended weekly lessons in the Sci-Shed – a dedicated Science classroom that has been designed and resourced specifically to conduct practical activities and investigations.

A rich and motivating depth of resources allows teachers to plan experiences that are hands-on and engaging for students, motivating them to develop the ability to think scientifically and demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways – conducting experiments, collecting and analysing data, using tools and equipment and manipulating a range of materials. The Science program enables students to make connections between Science at school and everyday life which is important in preparing them as life-long learners in this area.

Science investigation