Absentees – Attendance is managed through a computerised data base

On the day following an absence from school, Department of Education regulations require a written explanation from the child’s parent/guardian. These notes are retained and must coincide with absences marked on the class record. The teacher will follow up all unexplained absences. Any continual unexplained absences will be referred to the school administration.

Permission to leave the school grounds will not be granted unless parent advice has been received. Parents are asked to sign a school register whenever children leave school early. Children who arrive late will also be required to report to the office and provide a reason which will be noted by the Office. Parents who sign children in late and leave early are not required to write an additional note. A record of each child’s attendance is provided in the two reports that go home each year at the end of Term 2 and Term 4.

There are a variety of reasons why students are absent and records differentiate these with a code, as follows:

C        Cultural or religious significance to the family.

E         Approved Department of Education programs eg: PEAC.

K        Unauthorised Vacation not approved by the Principal.

L         Late by not more than 30 minutes or recorded as an absence.

N        The school has been notified that the student is unwell.

R        Acceptable reason for absence eg: medical appointment, high school interviews.

U        No explanation has been given for the absence – follow up is required.

X        Unacceptable absence eg: haircuts, basketball, dance rehearsals, birthday parties.

Parents need to be aware that unauthorised absences will be recorded for holidays taken during term time. This means, the absence will not be approved. Whilst it is understood that holidays are cheaper during term time, this is not a legitimate reason to be absent from school and contravenes the Education Act. Teachers are not required to provide work packages for students taking holidays during term time.