Kylie Godfrey - Principal
Anisha Gopi - Deputy Principal
Belinda Baldey - Deputy Principal

Danika Appleby - Deputy Principal

School Corporate Services Staff

Bev Hills - Manager Corporate Services (Wed, Thur, Fri)
Chris Sawatzky - Manager Corporate Services (Mon, Tue) Business Support Officer (Wed, Thur, Fri)
Yvette Heath - School Officer

Kate Abram - School Officer
Lynn Maclennan - School Officer

Teaching Staff

The experience and expertise of our teaching staff represents a positive diversity. It includes:

  • Level 3 teachers who have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to the profession and their students
  • Senior teachers whose experience is shared through leadership roles in the school
  • Specialist teachers with responsibility for specific learning areas
  • Support teachers who add depth to the differentiated way we cater for student needs

Support Staff

  • On a referral basis, our School Psychologist provides specifically targeted guidance and professional support to students, teachers and parents.
  • Education Assistants provide additional support to both mainstream and special needs students.
  • Library Officers maintain the Library system and manage the day to day operations of the Library.
  • Our Cleaning and Gardening staff ensure that our environment is healthy and well maintained.